Digstown New Customer Information

Every new doggie gets a free day of daycare!  If a current client refers you, they get a free day too! 

Why Digstown?  Well, we provide super service in a safe, clean fun environment that was built for dogs!  We want your pup to feel like they are at home (or on a mini-vacation) when they are with us!  We encourage our clients to bring their pups toys, beds, and other familiar belongings that make the comfortable!

We have designed our facility and our processes including drop off and pick up times so dogs arrive with the same energy level and can establish a feeling of regularity, calm and safety!
We also encourage sibling pups be lodged together to give them the feeling of home.  We have over 65 suites, range in size from 24-75 sq ft.  They are all chain-link free with plenty of space for your doggies to make themselves comfortable!

DOES YOUR DOG HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS?  If you pet is on medication, needs to be fed at a specific time or in a certain way, we'll take care of it and we don't charge any extra fees!  We don't believe that you should have to pay more for your pup to be cared for in the same loving manner he/she would be at home!

We want you and your furry kid to check out Digstown to make sure it is the best fit.  We know you will love it, but seeing is believing!  We do require an "evaluation" day for all new doggies, so give us a ring today to schedule yours - 303.399.5500. 

New doggies requirements: A scheduled evaluation day, vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), and a new client form filled out.  Download a copy of the new client form here:  DOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT FORM

Digstown requires Bordetella current within 6 months, and CIV as a recommended vaccination.  Please call and we will happily go over all of this with you.

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